The group Outlaws was founded 1972. The first album Outlaws was published by Outlaws in 1975. The albums Hurry Sundown, Lady in Waiting, and In the Eye of the Storm followed between 1976 and 1979. The albums by Outlaws with their most successful songs are There Goes Another Love Song, Outlaws, and Ghost Riders.
The songs Green Grass & High Tides, There Goes Another Love Song, Riders In The Sky, Hurry Sundown, and Stick Around for Rock & Roll by Outlaws became cult hits.
Successful Songs
Green Grass & High Tides1975
Riders In The Sky1980
There Goes Another Love Song1975
Hurry Sundown1977
Ghost Riders in the Sky1993
Stick Around for Rock & Roll1976
Song For You1975
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