The group Horslips was founded 1970. The first album Happy to Meet , Sorry to Part was published by Horslips in 1972. The albums The Book of Invasions, The Unfortunate Cup of Tea, The Táin, Dancehall Sweethearts, and Drive the Cold Winter Away followed between 1974 and 1976. The albums by Horslips with their most successful songs are Greatest Hits, Tracks from the Vaults, and The Book of Invasions.
The songs Dearg Doom, Trouble With a Capital T, King of the Fairies, Flower Among Them All, and Sword of Light by Horslips became cult hits.
Successful Songs
Dearg Doom1974
Trouble With a Capital T1976
King of the Fairies1974
Sword of Light1976
Flower Among Them All1972
The Man Who Built America1979
The Power and the Glory1976
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